Bella Thorne pimping her newest marijuana and cannabis products, which she uses both medically and recreationally.

Bella Thorne has long been open about her appreciation for cannabis. She’s smoked weed to treat her anxiety and related problems since her teens. In 2019, she and Glass House Brands launched the cannabis brand Forbidden Flowers, which sells pre-rolls, flowers, merch with 420-friendly slogans, and more.

“When I started Forbidden Flowers, cannabis was a topic that people just didn’t talk about, but it’s a big part of my life,” she told Weedmaps. “Smoking weed helps so many people feel better. But no one talks about it.”

Her goal in creating Forbidden Flowers was to sell weed that she would smoke herself, and to correct for the fact that she barely saw any women in the cannabis industry. “I made the brand so that women — and everyone — can be unapologetic about it,” she said. “People who smoke weed should feel like they can be open and feel empowered and embrace its benefits without judgment.”

Her passion for educating people about the physical and mental health benefits of cannabis stems from the life-changing effect it had on her. “I used to suffer from anxiety, stomach cramps, and panic attacks,” she recalled. “I would visit the doctor, and all they wanted to give was pills to try and fix it. And I didn’t want that. So then my brother actually suggested trying cannabis. After I tried it, I felt better right away.”

Now, she likes to experiment with a variety of strains. “What I like to smoke heavily depends on the mood I’m in. I smoke indica when I am feeling like I want to be ‘in-da-couch’ — relax, mellow out, go to bed. But I love sativa when I have to get stuff done or have a long day because it calms my anxiety and helps me focus without getting overwhelmed.”

Since Thorne is a devoted cannabis consumer and is now an expert in the industry, we asked her about her all-time favorite products. Here are her top five picks.

Forbidden Flowers: Chill Out

This formula — available as a flower or pre-roll — was designed to potentially help you do what stoners are known to do: chill the eff out. It’s offered in two strains: the indica Midnight Thorneberry and the equally mellow Cherry Trance.

“I love to smoke this when I just want to relax at home with some friends or by myself,” said Thorne. “It’s perfect for when I’m just listening to music or watching a movie or having a recovery day after a long night out.”

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Forbidden Flowers: Turn On

Thorne’s been known to push the envelope when it comes to talking about sex, and she’s doing so once again with this strain, meant for deepening intimacy and connection.

Turn On comes in the fruity Violet Daydream strain as well as the tropical Havana Heat. “It’s perfect for a date night with Ben or small dinner parties with my friends,” said Thorne. “It helps keep the conversation flowing and gives me the warm fuzzy feeling you get from being around people you love.”

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Plus Gummies

“I am big on gummies; they’re just like little bites of happiness,” said Thorne. “If I’m ever on the go or don’t want to actually light up, I go straight for Plus Gummies. And there’s a gummy for any mood: for when I’m ready to unwind, needing something to lift me up, or even just looking for some balance.”

Plus gummies come in six different flavors: concord grape, blackberry and lemon, tangerine, sour watermelon, cucumber lime, and sour blueberry. The brand also makes gummies containing CBN, balanced THC and CBD ratios, CBD-only options, and gummies made with unique cannabis strains.

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Forbidden Flowers: Hype Up

Some people smoke weed to relax or fall asleep, while others use it to get energized. This one’s for the latter, with a citrusy Electric Lemon option and a spicy Topanga Sunrise. 

“Whenever I’m looking to get pumped for a night out, I smoke Hype Up,” Thorne said of her creation. “It’s the perfect product to get me excited for a long night of partying, a long day of work, or to get ready to work out.”

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Forbidden Flowers: Zone In

Creatives, and others who like to use weed for inspiration, are the target audience for Zone In, which comes in an indica-dominant Lowkey Lazy strain geared toward potential relaxation and focus and a sweet and indulgent Sugar and Spice strain that’s perfect for a day of self-care.

“If I have a long day of work ahead or I just want to stay focused, I always go for the Zone In strain. It calms me without making me want to fall asleep, which is amazing.”

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