• Alien OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Alien OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Alien OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Massive 28% THC!
  • Better Inside
  • Great Taste
  • Effects Last Awhile
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Grow the Alien OG Strain

California’s own Alien OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds are tough to grow outdoors unless you have a climate almost devoid of rain and lots of sunshine. Experienced growers can get good yields of up to 21 ounces per plant, but if you are new to cultivating marijuana, best to move indoors for this one. In contrast, inside or in a greenhouse is much easier, you can create ideal climate conditions by keeping the humidity under 50% and the temperature up, easy in a tent. Staying under three feet tall, you won’t have to do any topping or training, but she does get bushy, so it needs some pruning to keep the air flowing to the inner foliage.

  • Outdoors only if arid climate
  • Better inside
  • 36 inches
  • up to 21 ounces per plant

Experience Alien OG

Potent Alien OG Feminized tips the scales to the tune of 28% THC, one of the highest levels you can get. It might be too much for new tokers, but if someone has a high tolerance, this is their strain. The journey starts quickly, trippy and mind-blowing, it’s very much the Sativa influence that occurs first. As the initial rush fades, the Indica kicks in, sedating and calming, the effects moving from the head to the body, pulling you inevitably, and with almost gravitational force, to the couch. Hopefully nothing was on the agenda, not only is Alien OG Feminized strong, she lasts quite a while, too.

Taste, smell, and Uses

Earthy, peppery, and citrus notes dominate the taste and aroma of this delectable strain, and some pick up sweet, piney flavor. Not only fun, but Alien OG is also extensively used by the medical cannabis community. Sleeplessness, poor appetite, inflammation, and many other conditions are combatted, all without narcotics.

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  • Tolerance buster
  • Indica Dominant
  • 28% THC
  • Great sleep aid
StrainIndica Dominant Hybrid
THC:Up to 28%
Taste and Smell: Sweet
Flowers in:8-10 Weeks
Yields:Up to 16 ounces indoors/outdoors
Difficulty:Moderately hard, best indoors
Lineage: Alien Kush
Tahoe OG
Average Height: 24-36 inches
Why pick Alien OG?

If you have a built a resistance to marijuana and have a hard time getting high, Alien OG is the cure. Insanely high THC levels, Indica dominant, and great yields make it your new favorite

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Climate for Alien OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Temperate Climate
The Temperate Climate is defined by hot, humid, wet summers, rainstorms, and a lot of sunshine. Think the Southeastern United States, sub-tropical, and some tropical (Florida) regions. Strains that do well in these areas can deal with high humidity and the temperatures warm to hot, with a long growing season. Keep the plants hydrated.

Continental Climate
The Continental Climate has very hot, short, and humid summers followed by brutally cold winters, typical in the Northeastern and some of the Central United States. Not ideal for marijuana cultivating, you are better off growing in a greenhouse or indoors, unless your strain is mold resistant. Other pathogens also thrive there. If your strain grows in this climate, it’ll grow almost anywhere.

Mediterranean Climate
The Mediterranean Climate is defined by hot, dry summers as well as chilly, wet winters. Cultivars that thrive in these conditions are prone to overwatering, since the growing season is dry. Think California’s coastal climate, given that this is the only Mediterranean climate in the United States. Keep the humidity down and the heat up to emulate these conditions indoors.


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