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Like the song says, the All American Mix pack consists of Feminized Cannabis Seeds that were born in the USA. LA Confidential, NYC Diesel, and Melting Pot are all high producers, with Melting Pot capable of delivering an astonishing 53 ounces per harvest. With THC levels of 19 to 23%, there is power to spare, and a good mix of an Indica dominant and two Sativa dominant strains cover your all-day, All American needs.

$177.004 seeds per Strain, 12 total
$239.008 seeds per Strain, 24 total
$312.0012 seeds per Strain, 36 total
$380.0016 seeds per Strain, 48 total
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LA Confidential Feminized Cannabis Seeds

LA Confidential Feminized Cannabis SeedsLA Confidential Feminized Cannabis SeedsLA Confidential Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Strain:Indica dominant hybrid
THC:Up to 23%
Yields:Up to 21 ounces outdoors
Taste and Smell: Earthy
Flowers in:6-8 Weeks
Lineage: Afghani Indica
OG L.A. Affie
Average Height: Up to 59 inches

LA Confidential is fast flowering Indica dominant hybrid that has won numerous awards. This acclaimed strain is easy to cultivate, as its resistant to most pests, molds, and diseases. Flowering in just 6-8 weeks, LA Confidential is capable of yielding up to 21 ounces of consumable marijuana, which allows for multiple harvests per season. LA Confidential is 90% Indica with an piney, earthy taste and a strong skunk aroma. With a THC level of up to 25%, LA Confidential has more than enough power to satisfy even users with a high tolerance. Often used as a sleep aid, LA Confidential also helps with pain relief, a great choice for an evening treat.

NYC Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds

NYC Diesel Feminized Cannabis SeedsNYC Diesel Feminized Cannabis SeedsNYC Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Strain:Sativa dominant hybrid
THC:Up to 19%
Yields:Up to 19-23 ounces outdoors
Taste and Smell: Lime
Flowers in:10-12 Weeks
Lineage: Sour Diesel
Average Height: Up to 71-87 inches

A nice fatigue fighter, NYC Diesel is a US-bred Sativa dominant hybrid member of the All American Mix pack. This energizing cultivar is beginner-friendly if used in moderation with a THC level of up to 19%. Capable of growing to 87 inches, NYC Diesel can yield up to 23 ounces if grown outdoors. It has a sweet taste with a hint of lime; keep something to eat handy, this one will make you hungry.

Melting Pot Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Melting Pot Feminized Cannabis SeedsMelting Pot Feminized Cannabis SeedsMelting Pot Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Strain:Sativa dominant hybrid
THC:Up to 23%
Yields:Up to 35-53 ounces outdoors
Taste and Smell: Citrus
Flowers in:10-12 Weeks
Lineage: Afghan Hawaiian
Average Height: Up to 96 inches

A leggy and tall cultivar, Melting Pot is a Sativa dominant hybrid that fights anxiety, depression and stress. It is an energizing, mood boosting strain, perfect for mornings with your cup of coffee, but with high THC levels up to 23%, should be used in moderation. When grown outdoors yields can reach an astounding 53 ounces per harvest; it also does well indoors, but you may need to use some techniques to limit the height, which can reach up to 8 feet. Melting Pot has a nice citrusy, peachy aroma and taste, a great daytime strain.

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