• Blue Cheese Autoflower Cannabis Seeds
  • Blue Cheese Autoflower Cannabis Seeds
  • Blue Cheese Autoflower Cannabis Seeds
  • Grows better indoors
  • Relaxing effects
  • Beginner friendly
  • Great cheese and blueberry taste
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Marijuana StrainStrainIndica Dominant Hybrid
THC LevelTHC:Up to 15%
Pot aromaTaste and Smell: Cheese
Flowering phaseFlowers in:10-12 Weeks
CBD LevelCBD:0.2%
Marijuana harvestYields:Up to 11-14 ounces indoors
LineageLineage: Cheese Auto
Blueberry Auto
heightHeight: Up to 24-35 inches


Higher yields indoors make Blue Cheese Autoflower Cannabis Seeds a better strain inside, although they grow just fine outside. After flowering, you can reap 14 ounces per meter2, compared to just 5 ounces per plant outside. Beware of using any HST (High-Stress Training) as a short flowering time doesn’t give her time to heal, and can negatively affect harvests. Use a Sea of Green (SOG) instead, which takes full advantage of your grow area. Short, at between two and three and a half feet, no topping or other height control methods are necessary, but you can prune a leaf here or there that restricts airflow, just take it easy. Experienced growers can use hydroponics to increase yields, but Blue Cheese does well in soil, too.

Even though yields are lower, Blue Cheese Autoflower Cannabis is tough and able to handle outdoor grows also. Provided you cultivate in a Temperate or Mediterranean growing season, balmy and lots of sunshine, outside is an option. Planting in pots helps to protect against poor weather and heavy rain, just make sure it’s large enough to not choke growth. Keep a sharp eye out for infestations and pathogens, and make sure she gets enough light and air circulation to help.

  • Better indoors
  • Don’t use HST
  • Strong genetics
  • Between 24-36 inches


Moderate THC levels of 15% make Blue Cheese Autoflower Cannabis excellent as an after-dinner treat for you and your guests. Partyers won’t get overwhelmed, but they will get a nice buzz. It starts with a slight head rush, then a boost of energy. Conversation can turn profound at this point, as your mind is bursting with ideas and theories. After about an hour, things start slowing down, and a body buzz makes limbs go limp. These feelings make Blue Cheese more of an evening strain, and it works well as a sleep aid. Other therapeutic uses MMJ patients tout is fighting migraines, chronic inflammation, depression, anxiety, and stressfulness.

  • 15% THC
  • Evening strain
  • Good for insomnia
  • Strong cheesy aroma
What gives cannabis a cheese aroma?

The distinctive “cheese” aroma of some cannabis strains is primarily due to the presence of a specific set of terpenes, which are organic compounds responsible for giving many plants their characteristic scent.
The terpene primarily responsible for the “cheese” aroma is beta-caryophyllene, which is also found in black pepper, cloves, and hops. Other terpenes commonly found in “cheese” strains include alpha-pinene, limonene, and myrcene.

How long does Blue Cheese auto take from seed to harvest?

60–70 days

Strain: Indica Dominant
THC Level: 14%

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Blue Cheese Autoflower Cannabis Seeds Germination Guide

Time needed: 5 days

Germination How-To for Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

  1. Get your supplies

    paper towels, a clean dish, filtered or distilled water, tweezers, and seeds

  2. Dampen two paper towels

    paper should be moist, but not dripping

  3. Put on paper towel on the plate

    don’t let any water collect on plate, if it does, remove it

  4. Put seeds on dish

    gently use your tweezers to put the seeds, one at a time and an inch apart, on the paper towel covered dish, until desired number is reached

  5. Cover the dish

    lay moistened second paper over the seeds, carefully covering them

  6. Put the seeds, dish, and towels in a warm, dry area

    kitchen cabinets or drawer work well

  7. Check the seeds often

    rewet the paper towels if they dry out

  8. When they sprout taproots, they are germinated

    they can take up to 5 days to germinate
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