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Blue Cheese Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Blue Cheese Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Blue Cheese Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Blue Cheese Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Indica Dominant
  • 20% THC
  • Therapeutic Properties
  • Big Harvests
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Grow the Blue Cheese Strain

When growing Blue Cheese Feminized Cannabis Seeds, they prefer cooler weather than a lot of other cultivars. When exposed to cool nights, it brings out the violet and azure tones against emerald and yellow buds.

Naturally rugged and adaptable, Blue Cheese Feminized is immune to most of the problems that plague other strains. No worries about powdery mildew, molds, and various vermin, making her easy to grow outdoors.

To maximize yields for your Blue Cheese Feminized Cannabis Seeds there are certain techniques you can utilize. Low Stress Training (LST) involves using string to tie branches so the they grow horizontal, to help the lower boughs receive more sunshine and airflow.

A hydroponic setup should shorten overall grow time, and makes it easier to feed her. Either with hydro or soil, Blue Cheese Feminized does very well in a Sea of Green setup, to increase grow area usage. Avoid High Stress Training (HST), involving cutting, twisting and breaking branches, she doesn’t respond well.

Training Blue Cheese will speed up and maximize output, and you can expect good yields of 18 ounces per meter2 indoor, and 19 ounces per plant out.

Experience the Blue Cheese Strain

With a name like Blue Cheese, one would assume it would reek of stinky cheese, but the name refers more to lineage as opposed to smell. Although there is some cheesiness, it’s not overwhelming. It combines fresh fruit smells to produce a much less overpowering aroma.

This award winner is highly Indica dominant, and as one would expect, a very relaxing, body-oriented smoke. The effects last quite a while, and with 20% THC, they hit hard. It is a creeper, however, so give it a little while before packing a second bowl. You might want to toke it slowly, as its a little cough inducing.

Medical users like the effects for various conditions, including appetite issues, depression, anxiousness, and sleeplessness. Muscle tensions are soothed, and it helps combat inflammation. Some even use it to fight chronic headaches. Low moods are uplifted, stress seeps out, and a sweet high is enjoyed.

Why is it called “Blue Cheese” if it doesn’t smell too much?

Genetics. It was created by combining Blueberry and UK Cheese

Marijuana StrainStrainHighly Indica Dominant
THC LevelTHC: Up to 20%
Pot aromaTaste and Smell: Blue Cheese
Flowering phaseFlowers in:8-10 Weeks
CBD LevelCBD: 0.5%
Marijuana harvestYields: Up to 19 ounces outdoors
DifficultyDifficulty: Easy
LineageLineage: Blueberry
UK Cheese
heightHeight: Up to 79 inches
EnvironmentEnvironment: Temperate

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Time needed: 5 days

Germination How-To for Blue Cheese Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Get your supplies

    paper towels, a clean dish, filtered or distilled water, tweezers, and seeds

  2. Dampen two paper towels

    paper should be moist, but not dripping

  3. Put on paper towel on the plate

    don’t let any water collect on plate, if it does, remove it

  4. Put seeds on dish

    gently use your tweezers to put the seeds, one at a time and an inch apart, on the paper towel covered dish, until desired number is reached

  5. Cover the dish

    lay moistened second paper over the seeds, carefully covering them

  6. Put the seeds, dish, and towels in a warm, dry area

    kitchen cabinets or drawer work well

  7. Check the seeds often

    rewet the paper towels if they dry out

  8. When they sprout taproots, they are germinated

    they can take up to 5 days to germinate
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