Cannabis Ruderalis-Originally from Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, and Russia, and notably the most brutal of these areas, Ruderalis is (arguably) a third sub-species of Cannabis, along with Sativa and Indica. Thought to have descended from Indica, Ruderalis adapted to some of the worst conditions possible (think Siberia), making it incredibly rugged and tough. Because of the cold, mountainous, hard scrabble, low-light conditions, it developed some unique traits. Notable among them are its lack of light dependency; It flowers based on maturity, which is more of a function of time. It also stays small, with stocky, sturdy stalks.


I have been a pot smoker for 44 years, and have some experience with growing. I love marijuana and feel blessed to live in a state where it is legal (Illinois). It is also legal to grow here as long as you have a medical card