The CannaPete’s Marijuana Edibles Calculator figures out the dosage of your infused oil, Cannabutter, and other infused potions. Don’t guess, calculate.

Fill out the form fields below to calculate the potency of your edibles, totals for your recipe and per serving. Given the variables, the results are an approximations, but give you a good idea what to expect.

Use the CannaPete’s Marijuana Edibles Calculator to get an approximation of what you are putting in your body. Because of the slow-acting nature of Edibles, many people have over or under estimated the effects because of inaccurate dosing. This can lead to a bad time, especially if you get impatient waiting for effects to kick in and overindulge. It can take over an hour to start feeling it, so just maintain.

Check out my short article on Decarbing your Cannabis, the important (and easy) first step to making all your delicious Marijuana recipes. Don’t be intimidated, it’s about as hard as heating up leftovers. Also, check out my recipe for making cannabutter, the cornerstone of making edibles.

Time needed: 1 minute

Using the Marijuana Edibles Calculator

  1. Scale

    You need an accurate scale to measure your cannabis and oil. Digital is preferred, accurate to at least a tenth of a gram
    Digital scale

  2. Grams

    Enter the amount of marijuana, in grams, to be used in your recipe

  3. THC

    Enter the percentage of THC in your marijuana, use the rating from the label or, if you don’t have that, approximate the potency

  4. Cups of Oil

    Enter how much oil or butter that you are going to infuse

  5. Output

    The calculator will automatically print the Total THC in mg for the total amount of oil, and the amount of THC per teaspoon

  6. Using the calculator to dose your recipe

    Enter the appropriate info

  7. Teaspoons of oil in your recipe

    Enter the amount of teaspoons of infused oil that you are going to use in your food

  8. Servings in your recipe

    Enter the amount of servings you are going to make. For instance, if a brownie gets divided into 8 pieces, that would be 8 servings

  9. Total mg of THC in entire recipe

    In case you eat the whole thing

  10. Total mg of THC in per serving

    Gives you the amount of THC in each serving

  11. Bon Appetite!

    You now know what strength your edibles have

Check out these high THC strains to get the best value from your edibles.

Strain: Hybrid
THC Level: 30%

Hellfire OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Hellfire OG Feminized
Cannabis Seeds
Strain: Indica Dominant
THC Level: 30%

Do-si-dos Feminized
Strain: Sativa Dominant
THC Level: 29%

5 Alive Feminized Cannabis Seeds
5 Alive Feminized
Cannabis Seeds
Strain: Sativa Dominant
THC Level: 30%

Bruce Banner 2.0 Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Bruce Banner 2.0
Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Edibles FAQ

How do you make cannabis edible?

by de-carbing (decarboxylation) your marijuana it goes from inactive to activated, ready for consumption

What is decarboxylation?

the removal or elimination of carboxyl from a molecule ¹
(1) Dictionary, s.v. “decarboxylation,” accessed December 1, 2022,
In simpler terms, it’s the process of activating the THC in the flower by applying heat,

Is decarbing cannabis difficult?

Only slightly more difficult than reheating leftover pizza

How do you decarboxylate marijuana?

Rough grind or hand tear your flower so that it will heat evenly
Preheat oven to 240° F (115° C)
Place cannabis in a heat safe dish, or in foil
Bake at 240 for 30 minutes

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