I love Clipper lighters, they are so much better than a Bic, and just as affordable. They are refillable and re-flint-able, so you don’t have to throw them away. It also has a built-in packing tool, which is very nice. After using a Zippo for 30+ years, I finally found something other than a cheap, crappy disposable alternative.

Raw Clipper


And the fact that Clippers are reusable makes them better for the environment. You can also decide what kind of butane to put in it, there are numerous choices, from cleaner-burning ultra-refined to cheapo Walmart butane.

clipper raw


They come in a bunch of decorations, lots of cannabis/marijuana designs, and other groovy styles. You can also get them in solid colors if you want to stay incognito. Collect them all!

Get them HERE!

marijuana seeds


I have been a pot smoker for 44 years, and have some experience with growing. I love marijuana and feel blessed to live in a state where it is legal (Illinois). It is also legal to grow here as long as you have a medical card