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Perfect for the beginner grower, the Gateway Mix pack features some of the most beloved Marijuana strains around. What they have in common, other than being great strains, is their ease of cultivation. Pest and mold resistant, they all do well indoors or out, although inside is more recommended.

AK-47 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

AK-47 Feminized Cannabis SeedsAK-47 Feminized Cannabis SeedsAK-47 Feminized Cannabis Seeds
StrainSativa Dominant 35% Indica 65% Sativa
THC:Up to 18%
Taste and Smell: Skunky Earthy Pungent Woody
Flowers in:8-10 Weeks
Yields:Up to 12 – 18 ounces indoors/outdoors
Lineage: Cultivars include Afghani, Thai, Mexican, and Columbian
Average Height: Up to 39 – 59 inches

This Legendary Cannabis strain is great for growing indoors, generally staying between 39 to 59 inches. Outside AK-47 prefers lower humidity, as its susceptible to bud rot. Other then that, its pretty straight forward to cultivate. This cultivar is Sativa dominant, with only 35% Indica, and flowers pretty fast, and gives a laid back high.

Bubblegum Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Bubblegum Feminized Cannabis SeedsBubblegum Feminized Cannabis SeedsBubblegum Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Strain50/50 hybrid
THC:Up to 17%
Taste and Smell: Floral
Flowers in:8-10 Weeks
Yields:Up to 21 ounces outdoors
Lineage: Unknown
Average Height: Up to 35 inches

This tasty cultivar has been around since the 1970’s, is easy to grow, and tastes like bubblegum. What’s not to love? Bubble Gum also prefers a drier, less humid environment, so indoor growing is preferred. As long as its not to wet, this is also a straight forward and simple cultivation.

White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

White Widow Feminized Cannabis SeedsWhite Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Strain:Indica dominant hybrid
THC:Up to 22%
Yields:Up to 32 ounces outdoors
Taste and Smell: Spicy
Flowers in:8-10 Weeks
Terpenes: Alpha-Pinene
Difficulty:Very easy
Lineage: South Indian Indica
Brazilian Sativa
Average Height: Up to 78 inches

The Indica dominant White Widow strain is one of the best all-around Cannabis plants anywhere. This Multiple award winner produces massive yields of up to 32 ounces! That’s a lot of Marijuana! Easy to grow, with great THC levels, and a fantastic terpene profile, these White Widow seeds could be your gateway to becoming a master grower.

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