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BreederBarney’s Farm
Strain:Indica Dominant Hybrid
THC:Up to 25%
Yields:28 ounces Per Meter2
Flowering Time9-10 Weeks
Taste and Smell:  Nuts
Lineage:  Gorilla Glue
Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies
Average Height: 39 inches

Grow the Glookies Strain

First coming on the scene in 2019, Glookies feminized seeds are a cross between two great cultivars, Gorilla Glue and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. These great genes combine to produce plants that deliver massive yields, up to 28 ounces per meter squared indoors, and an unbelievable six pounds per plant outdoors. This is from a plant that reaches just over three feet in a controlled environment, although she can stretch almost double the height outdoors. Lengthy Sativa-like branching means some support is necessary; the easiest and best option is to use a Screen of Green, which also improves light and air coverage, and promotes multiple colas. Other than that she is pretty easy to cultivate.

Experience the Glookies Strain

When planning on smoking the bud from Glookies feminized seeds, block your calendar for at least four hours. At 25% THC, you are going to get plenty high, to boot. It starts with the Sativa, bringing on a euphoric head rush, setting a happy tone for the rest of the trip. It quickly starts moving to the body, bringing a wave of relaxing, chill vibes, and as it’s 70% Indica, dominates for the rest of the ride. A strong and pungent aroma of fuel and notes of fresh limes make up the taste profile, while when flowering the smell is like freshly roasted nuts. MMJ patients love these long-lasting effects, claiming they get relief from a variety of symptoms, including achy joints, stomach disorders, and tension.

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