Godzilla Glue #4 Feminized Seeds
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  • 50/50 Hybrid
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BreederHerbies Seeds
THC:Up to 29%
Yields:Up to 42 ounces Per Plant
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Taste and Smell: Chocolate
Lineage: Chem Sis
Sour Diesel
Chocolate Thai
Average Height: From 39 to 66 inches

Growing the Godzilla Glue #4 Strain

Mixing the best qualities of Chem Sis, Sour Diesel, and Chocolate Thai, Godzilla Glue #4 Feminized Seeds were hatched. Rare among marijuana strains, Godzilla Glue #4 combines leviathan THC with colossal yields, up to 28 ounces per meter2 indoors, and an insane 42 ounces per plant outdoors. She also produces an abundance of resin, perfect for hash and concentrate makers. If growing outside she stretches up to five and a half feet and prefers a warm, low-humidity growing season. Indoors she stays at a manageable five feet, good for most tents. Do most of your pruning during veg to give her time to heal, and she’ll do the rest, as the grow is very beginner friendly.

Experience the Godzilla Glue #4 Strain

With a massive THC level of 29%, Godzilla Glue #4 Feminized Seeds produce one of the strongest, most potent strains available. Not for new tokers or those with low-tolerances, this monster will stomp your blues away. A 50/50 hybrid, you get the best of both worlds, starting with a cerebral buzz that will knock you’re socks off, a blissful rush of adrenaline that will get the party started. The Indica follows shortly, providing a body rocking buzz that works in harmony with the euphoria you are already experiencing. Not only giant recreational uses, Godzilla Glue #4 also has therapeutic value. Many MMJ patients are daily smokers, and need the extra kick that this strain supplies. It is said by many to help with insomnia, anxiousness, stress relief, and nausea.

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