I picked up an eighth of Grassroots Aces High from Rise Joliet (Illinois) because I wanted to try a low THC Sativa. This one hit the spot, coming in at 19.67% THC. It smelled a little skunky, and smoked smooth. I got surprisingly pretty stoned, and it lasted for a while. Overall, I really enjoyed it.

grassroots aces high
Grassroots Aces High


One of the drawbacks of a Sativa is it keeps me awake. I’m a nighttime smoker, so I generally prefer an Indica, and Aces High did keep my mind racing. The only real drawback was the packaging. You need to put some effort into squeezing the sides of the plastic container, which is a pain in the butt. It’s probably childproof if for nothing else the strength it takes to open it. It was also pretty dry, probably because the package was too big and had a lot of air in it. Thankfully I used Boveda humidity packs, and the buds came back to life.

grassroots aces high marijuana pot cannabis
Grassroots Aces High
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I have been a pot smoker for 44 years, and have some experience with growing. I love marijuana and feel blessed to live in a state where it is legal (Illinois). It is also legal to grow here as long as you have a medical card