Keep a full pantry of infused oils by growing your own marijuana with seeds from!

Learn how to make cannabis oil to use when baking desserts, sautéing veggies, frying up your morning eggs, or putting in your salad dressing, in 3 easy steps.

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Making cannabis cooking oil is very similar to making cannabutter, once you have mastered one the other is very straightforward. Remember to decarb your flower, which is simple but vital. I wrote an article here on my way of doing it, which is about as hard as making a frozen pizza, although it takes a little longer. As far as dosage goes, check out my Marijuana Edibles Calculator to get an approximation of the THC level, a lot of people have had too much THC because it acts slower than smoking or vaping. Start slow when consuming edibles, and give it enough time, at least 45 minutes, before going in for seconds. The infused oil can be used in any recipe that it’s called for, with only a slightly weed taste. Bon Appetite!