• Created by Rapper Wiz Khalifa
  • High THC
  • Good Yields
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Grow the Khalifa Kush Strain

Not the easiest strain to grow, Khalifa Kush feminized requires lots of nutes, so even though she grows well in soil, hydroponics is preferred if you have the setup. Outdoors, a Mediterranean growing season is favored, otherwise, move indoors. Keep your training method low-stress, as she can hermie. Use a Screen of Green to make the most of your grow, which increases yields by exposing more area to the light, produces more budding sites, and increases yields. Also, keep a close eye out for mold and mildew, she only has moderate resistance to them. Being a Kush strain, yields are good, up to 17 ounces per meter2.

  • Give her extra nutrients
  • Mediterranean growing season for outdoors
  • Use LST, no HST
  • Watch out for mold and mildew

Experience the Khalifa Kush Strain

Smoking Khalifa Kush feminized is a balanced experience, with both Indica and Sativa effects. The Sativa strikes first, making the toker happy and energized. If you have a high tolerance, you can use it first thing in the morning as a pick-me-up. There is a strong Indica presence, so it’s also relaxing and calming, but they tend to wait a while before acting. Medical users love getting both of the strain’s benefits, Indica for muscle and joint aches, the Sativa for its mood-enhancing, anti-depressant qualities. It is also said to help fight migraines and arthritis. A strong terpene profile, featuring Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene, give Khalifa Kush an earthy, lemony, and pinewood taste and smell.

  • Rapper Wiz Khalifa’s creation
  • Sativa buzz hits first, then Indica follows
  • Massive 27% THC level
  • Used by MMJ patients for a variety of ailments
THC:Up to 27%
Taste and Smell: Earthy
Flowers in:8-9 Weeks
Yields:17 ounces per meter2
Lineage: OG Kush
Average Height: Up to 30-78 inches
I have a variety of ailments, what strain type should I use?

Hybrid strains that provide both Indica and Sativa effects usually provide both an uplifting head high and a relaxing body buzz

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How-to Germinate your Khalifa Kush feminized seeds

5 days or less 3 days

Steps to Germination

  1. Gather your supplies

    Two dishes, paper towels, purified or distilled water, seeds

  2. Setup plate

    Put paper towel on plate

  3. Seeds

    Put seeds about an inch apart on paper towel covered plate

  4. Moisten

    Dampen the towel with water until moist, but not oversaturated

  5. 2nd paper towel

    Place second paper towel over the first, covering the seeds

  6. Moisten again

    Sprinkle water over 2nd paper towel until dampened, but not dripping

  7. Cover

    Place 2nd dish over the towels, seeds, and first dish

  8. Store

    Put all in a drawer, closet, or other warm, dry, safe place

  9. Inspection

    Check your seeds often and re-moisten as necessary, don’t let the towels dry or your seeds will perish

  10. Taproots

    In 3-5 days the seeds should develop taproots, at which time they are ready to plant