I picked up a very cheap and small mini bong from my local head/vape shop, Mi Vape Co. I think I paid between $10-$15 for it, they were running a sale, and although I don’t use it much, I am happy with it. It is about 5 inches tall, exactly what I was looking for at the time.

mini bong 2

As I’ve said in other posts, I am a choker. Years of smoking cigarettes has made my lungs fragile, so I am always looking for a way to make smoking marijuana easier. I prefer smoking joints, and came up with a way to make the smoke cooler without using a bong, so this bong has been relegated to occasional use, mostly with CBD, which makes me choke even worse than pot.

Nothing tricky about using this bong, add about an inch of water to the chamber, cover the carb hole in the rear, light it and your all set. Decent size bowl on it, not to big, not to small. Just make sure not to overfill it, or you’ll get a bong water mouthwash.


I have been a pot smoker for 44 years, and have some experience with growing. I love marijuana and feel blessed to live in a state where it is legal (Illinois). It is also legal to grow here as long as you have a medical card