• Strawberry Cough Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Strawberry Cough Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Strawberry Cough Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Strawberry Cough Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup Award
  • A Kyle Kushman strain
  • Easy to grow
  • Makes you cough, tastes like strawberries
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Features of the Strawberry Cough Strain

  • Powerful 25% THC
  • Sativa Dominant for an Uplifting High
  • Tastes like fresh Strawberries
  • Easy to grow

Why grow Strawberry Cough?

Beginner gardener friendly strain Strawberry Cough seeds produces a powerful Sativa dominant plant that will keep you supplied in quality weed for a long time, and it also has medicinal qualities. A perfect strain that’s an award winning choice for the flavor chasing connoisseur.

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Strain:Sativa dominant hybrid
THC:Up to 25%
Yields:Up to 18 ounces outdoors
Taste and Smell: Strawberry
Flowers in:8-10 Weeks
Lineage: Haze
Unknown Clone
Average Height: Up to 39-65 inches


Kyle Kushman bred Strawberry Cough Feminized Cannabis Seeds to make a Sativa dominant masterpiece. Sativa-like, skinny leaves, and tall (up to five and a half feet), they also have Indica bushiness. Although they are tough against critters and mold, give her a hand by keeping her groomed. This promotes airflow and light coverage, reducing the threat of moisture-related issues. Pruning the lower level increases energy to more productive budding sites, just make sure to go easy and do it early, allowing her time to heal. Provide plenty of nutes, she’s a big eater, and be prepared for stretching, she is capable of growing to twice her size during flowering. Thriving in warm temps, Strawberry Cough Feminized Cannabis Seeds can reach yields of 14 ounces/meter2, and 18 ounces/plant outdoors.

  • Resists some common marijuana problems
  • Great harvests
  • Easy cultivation
  • Prize winning breed


High THC levels of 25% and great strawberry taste highlight the features of Strawberry Cough Feminized Cannabis. 80% Sativa 20% Indica makes it a great morning strain, energizing and joyful, allowing you to get high while still being productive. A 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup Award winner, it’s the pride and joy of famed grower Kyle Kushman, his flagship strain. Not just for recreational use, medical cannabis consumers claim success dealing with migraines, rheumatism, low energy, and depression. Wild strawberries dominate the wonderful taste, along with fresh soil, spicy, and sweet notes. It does tend to make one cough, but the taste more than makes up for it.

  • Developed by famous breeder Kyle Kushman
  • Great for high-tolerance tokers
  • Fantastic strawberry taste
  • Mood improver
Strain: Sativa Dominant
THC Level: 20%

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