• Super Skunky Jack Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Super Skunky Jack Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Super Skunky Jack Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Giant colas
  • Very potent
  • Therapeutic properties
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Marijuana StrainStrainSativa Dominant hybrid
THC LevelTHC:Up to 20%
Pot aromaTaste and Smell: Skunky
Flowering phaseFlowers in:8-10 Weeks
CBD LevelCBD:0.4%
Marijuana harvestYields:Up to 18 ounces indoors
DifficultyDifficulty:Moderately Easy
LineageLineage: Superskunk
Jack Herer
heightHeight: Up to 39-59 inches


Growing Super Skunky Jack Feminized Cannabis Seeds indoors gets far better yields than outdoors. 18 ounces per meter2 is possible, compare to only four ounces per plant outside. Although she averages between three and five feet, sometimes she stretches, so some height reduction techniques may be needed. The best way to do that is using a Screen of Green, which promotes lateral as opposed to vertical growth. Fringe benefits of scrogging is the screen provides support for the limbs, more budding sites, and better light coverage. Although Sativa dominant, she has shaggy foliage, so some pruning is required.

  • Better indoors
  • Can stretch if no training
  • Some pruning required
  • Scrogging works well


Love-child of famous Jack Herer and Superskunk, Super Skunky Jack Feminized Cannabis combines those strong genetics to create a Sativa dominant hybrid. The Jack Herer Sativa influence acts quickly, sparking creativity and artistic thoughts. Uplifted mood and happy feelings are its hallmark, inspiring better productivity for your tasks. Concentration improves, tough situations become easier, and your outlook brightens. Have some chow nearby, Super Skunky Jack brings on the munchies. Medical users use it to battle any ailments that are draining, and also say it works against arthritis. A complex terpene profile contributes to a diverse flavor profile, skunky and Haze-y, with citrus and spicy notes.

  • Great genetics
  • Sativa dominant
  • 20% THC
  • Uplifting


Why does some pot smell skunky?

The distinct skunky odor of some strains of cannabis is due to the presence of specific organic compounds called terpenes, particularly one called myrcene. These terpenes are also found in other plants, such as hops, and are responsible for the characteristic aroma of some strains of marijuana. The smell is often described as pungent, earthy, and musky, and can be quite strong.

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Super Skunky Jack Feminized Cannabis Seeds Germination Guide

Time needed: 5 days

Germination How-To for Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Get your supplies

    paper towels, a clean dish, filtered or distilled water, tweezers, and seeds

  2. Dampen two paper towels

    paper should be moist, but not dripping

  3. Put on paper towel on the plate

    don’t let any water collect on plate, if it does, remove it

  4. Put seeds on dish

    gently use your tweezers to put the seeds, one at a time and an inch apart, on the paper towel covered dish, until desired number is reached

  5. Cover the dish

    lay moistened second paper over the seeds, carefully covering them

  6. Put the seeds, dish, and towels in a warm, dry area

    kitchen cabinets or drawer work well

  7. Check the seeds often

    rewet the paper towels if they dry out

  8. When they sprout taproots, they are germinated

    they can take up to 5 days to germinate
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