• Zkittlez Autoflower Cannabis Seeds
  • Zkittlez Autoflower Cannabis Seeds
  • Zkittlez Autoflower Cannabis Seeds
  • Delicious mixed berry flavor
  • Best grown indoors
  • Loaded with trichomes 
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Strain50/50 Hybrid
THC:Up to 18%
Taste and Smell: Sweet

Flowers in:8-10 Weeks
Yields:Up to 11-18 ounces indoors
Lineage: Zkitellz
Average Height: Up to 24-35 inches

Grow Zkittlez Autoflower

Although Zkittlez Autoflower Cannabis Seeds do have a candy-like flavor, the main reason for their moniker is they produce very colorful plants. Hues of orange, lavender, and sapphire decorate the foliage, making them a pretty addition to your garden. Unless you have a pleasant, fairly dry climate, it’s best to grow Zkittlez indoors where you can control the environment. Only growing between two to three feet, that shouldn’t be a problem. Thick foliage means you have to trim regularly to prevent moisture-related issues such as mold and disease. Be careful with your pruning, like most autos fast flowering time means very little time for her to heal. If you are able to grow outside you can reap 11 ounces per plant. Indoors use a Sea of Green to collect 18 ounces per meter squared.

Experience Zkittlez Autoflower

Slightly Indica-leaning Zkittlez Autoflower Cannabis Seeds produce cultivars that are a favorite in the medical cannabis community. Dual effects make them able to treat many conditions, so you get the best of both worlds. Users claim effectiveness against migraine headaches, depressive feelings, sleeplessness, and arthritis. Averaging around 18% THC levels, some growers have coaxed as much as 21%, enough to get you blissfully buzzed. Expect some psychedelic reactions such as enhanced perception and slightly distorted reality, especially towards the beginning of the experience when the Sativa is stronger. The Indica kicks in shortly thereafter, but the Sativa keeps you from hitting the couch too hard. The taste of Zkittlez Auto is very complex, a mixture of candied fruit and Kush, earthy and musky.

Strain: Sativa Dominant
THC Level: 23%

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