• Zombie Death Fuck Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Zombie Death Fuck Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Zombie Death Fuck Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Very high THC
  • Great yields
  • Simple to grow
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Marijuana StrainStrainSativa Dominant Hybrid
THC LevelTHC:Up to 24%
Pot aromaTaste and Smell: Flowery

Flowering phaseFlowers in:8-10 Weeks
CBD LevelCBD:0.2%
Marijuana harvestYields:Up to 18-21 ounces outdoors
LineageLineage: OG Kush L.A.
Girl Scout Cookies
heightHeight: Up to 31-51 inches

Grow the Zombie Death Fuck Strain

Short like an Indica, Zombie Death Fuck Feminized Cannabis Seeds exhibit more Sativa-like grow patterns. Elongated leaves and spaced internodal gaps make pruning easier, but it still needs to be done to prevent invasions from pests and pathogens. Pruning and thinning extraneous foliage accomplish this by improving airflow and light coverage, helping her not hide excess moisture, which insects and mold love. Outdoors, or to save money, ZDF does just fine in organic loam. Indoors weigh using a hydroponics substrate to boost yields and handle feeding. Combine hydro with a Sea of Green (SOG) configuration to hit maximum yields of 14 ounces per meter squared. Outside in real sunshine, you can hit 21 ounces per plant, not bad considering she averages under four feet tall.

  • Short, under 48 inches
  • Easy pruning
  • Good harvests
  • Soil or hydro

Experience the Zombie Death Fuck Strain

When smoking the buds from Zombie Death Fuck Feminized, please consider her potency. If you have a low tolerance it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the 25% THC levels, and we don’t want you to have a bad time. Best saved for after work or when your schedule is clear, Sativa dominant effects eventually give way to the Indica, leading to drowsiness. It takes about three hours for it to kick in, however, and the first part is a potent, uplifting thrill ride. Electric charges tickle your spine shortly after lighting up, signaling the start of an uplifting, artistic journey. Perfect for parties or sharing with a friend, Zombie Death Fuck enhances conversations and fellowship, and gets you very high. The smell in your garden is delightful, with fruit and freshly turned soil aromas that are not sweet. As you smoke, you pick up the sweetness along with spicy and flowery notes.

  • 25% THC
  • Sativa dominant
  • Long lasting
  • Wonderful aroma


Are feminized cannabis seeds better?

Whether feminized cannabis seeds are better or not depends on what you’re looking for in your cannabis crop. Feminized cannabis seeds are those that have been manipulated to produce only female plants, which are the ones that produce the buds that are typically used for consumption. This can be advantageous for a number of reasons, including:
Increased yield: Since only female plants produce buds, using feminized seeds can result in a higher overall yield of usable product.
Cost savings: By eliminating the need to cull male plants, which do not produce buds, growers can save time and money on resources like water, nutrients, and electricity.
Consistency: Since all the plants will be female, growers can expect a more consistent crop in terms of quality, potency, and other characteristics.

Strain: Indica
THC Level: 24%

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Zombie Death Fuck Feminized Cannabis Seeds Germination Guide

Time needed: 5 days

Germination How-To for Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Get your supplies

    paper towels, a clean dish, filtered or distilled water, tweezers, and seeds

  2. Dampen two paper towels

    paper should be moist, but not dripping

  3. Put on paper towel on the plate

    don’t let any water collect on plate, if it does, remove it

  4. Put seeds on dish

    gently use your tweezers to put the seeds, one at a time and an inch apart, on the paper towel covered dish, until desired number is reached

  5. Cover the dish

    lay moistened second paper over the seeds, carefully covering them

  6. Put the seeds, dish, and towels in a warm, dry area

    kitchen cabinets or drawer work well

  7. Check the seeds often

    rewet the paper towels if they dry out

  8. When they sprout taproots, they are germinated

    they can take up to 5 days to germinate
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