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Cannabis Growing FAQ’s

Is growing marijuana hard?

It can be, but if you get the proper seeds, cannabis specific nutrients, and follow good gardening practices, it can be an easy and rewarding endeavor

Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds online?

Marijuana seeds contain no THC, so they fall under federal hemp laws until they sprout

I feel overwhelmed by the wide variety of choices, do you have any recommendations to get started growing?

There are complete beginner grow kits here that contain White Widow Autoflower marijuana seeds, nutrients, and plant protector that are designed for ease of use and growing, perfect for first-timers

Is it legal to grow marijuana where I live?

Laws and regulations vary, check with your country, state, and local governments before you begin

We are currently negotiating with some new seed banks, they have to meet the HIGH CannaPete Standards. Only the highest quality, trusted and reputable sources for your Marijuana seed needs! The highest quality, highest yielding, best tasting, easy-to-grow seeds appear here. Keep your eye out for them!

What’s my Climate?

The seeds you get from CannaPete Cannabis Seed Store have different traits when it comes to their preferred climate. Check your growing season to see which climate it matches up with.

Tropical Climate
The tropical climate is defined by high temperatures year round, with no real seasons. Plentiful rain year round, intense sunshine, and a usual temperature above 65° F year round are some of its characteristics. The tropics are near the equator. There are other variations of the Tropical climate, but for this site, I’m referring to Hawaii’s climate.

Temperate Climate
The Temperate Climate is defined by hot, humid, wet summers, rainstorms, and a lot of sunshine. Think the Southeastern United States, sub-tropical, and some tropical (Florida) regions. Strains that do well in these areas can deal with high humidity and the temperatures warm to hot, with a long growing season. Keep the plants hydrated.

Continental Climate
The Continental Climate has very hot, short, and humid summers followed by brutally cold winters, typical in the Northeastern and some of the Central United States. Not ideal for marijuana cultivating, you are better off growing in a greenhouse or indoors, unless your strain is mold resistant. Other pathogens also thrive there. If your strain grows in this climate, it’ll grow almost anywhere.

Steppe Climate
The Steppe Climate has just enough rain to support short grasses and shrubs, but not enough for trees unless they are near a water source. Another way to identify this climate condition is grassland with hot summers and cool to bitter winters. Keep the humidity down and don’t overwater. If the soil is damp, it doesn’t need water. Also, keep the area warm.

Mediterranean Climate
The Mediterranean Climate is defined by hot, dry summers as well as chilly, wet winters. Cultivars that thrive in these conditions are prone to overwatering, since the growing season is dry. Think California’s coastal climate, given that this is the only Mediterranean climate in the United States. Keep the humidity down and the heat up to emulate these conditions indoors.

Indoor Growing Tips

If you want or need to grow indoors, there are some things to keep in mind. The height of your plants are usually a consideration. Small to moderately sized plants usually are better suited for indoors, but using techniques to limit height, like ScrOG and general topping, means you can still grow your favorite strains. You have much better control of the environment indoors, provided you have the proper equipment.

Light source

A light source is the most important element for indoor cultivation. It’s worth investing in a quality grow light, they can have features like timers to emulate seasonal sun patterns, and intensity control. LED lights work well, as they keep the heat down and are long-lasting.

Grow Tent

A grow tent is also nice to have, it makes managing variables like humidity much easier. They are pretty affordable and can be used for vegetables, herbs, and flowers.


Get proper pots that drain correctly, to prevent overwatering that can choke the roots or cause root rot. Cloth or fabric pots work well.


Proper airflow is a consideration, so installing fans to strategically control circulation will greatly improve the quality of your grow.


Good, high quality soil is very important, it can save you many headaches. It is worthwhile to spend a little extra, especially important during the early stages of growth and the seedling stage. You want to select the proper nutrients that match your plants need, they are not one size fits all. To reproduce certain climates, you may want to get a dehumidifier.
Generally, you won’t get as high of yields per harvest as outdoors, but you get multiple harvests per year instead of just one, which usually more than makes up for that. Another advantage of indoor growing is privacy. Keeping your business away from nosy neighbors is important to a lot of growers. It is also easier to keep pests and diseases at bay compared to outdoors. Controlling watering is also much easier indoors, as you can’t influence rain and drought.
You want to find the best conditions your seed genetics prefer, and do your best to emulate them.
Good Luck!